Thursday, August 18, 2011

Admirable & Despicable Behavioral Traits

Prompt: Before doing any of the readings, make up a list of 5 personality traits that define a good or admirable person, and 5 personality traits that define a bad or despicable person. Physical traits such as strength, intelligence, athletic ability, looks, and so on are irrelevant.

Traits defining a good, admirable person:
  1. Concern for wellbeing of others, empathetic
  2. Truth-seeking
  3. Acting in accordance with principals
  4. Steadfast
  5. Humble in the face of uncertainty

Traits defining a bad, despicable person:
  1. Opportunistic
  2. Self-benefiting to the detriment of others
  3. Lack of commitment to truth
  4. Over-confident
  5. Deceptive

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